Getting the most out of Manual Traffic Exchanges.

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Manual traffic exchanges are a dime a dozen, or are they? I have met some people who say traffic exchanges really work, and some who feel that they are a waste of time. There is a science to using manual traffic exchanges, you need to do your homework.

There are many manual traffic exchanges that depend on bells and whistles to attract members, they have games to play, bonus credits for answering questions while surfing, (some of the questions are to discourage cheating and failure to answer them correctly can result in the suspension of you account). But first you need to know your target audience, most people who use traffic exchanges (manual and auto) are not looking to join your program or buy your product, they are looking for the same thing you are. How to get more traffic to my web page, they are looking for information. Information is what sells on traffic exchanges, information on how to get more traffic to their web pages.

So how does this help you if you are not selling information? The answer is splash pages. Use splash pages to collect leads, then develop a personel relationship with them and introduce them to your product or service.
Next you need to find the best traffic exchanges for you. Different people have success with different traffic exchanges even when they promote the same page. Why, this depends on a number of things. What time you surf, how often you surf etc.

So join a few traffic exchanges to surf, you will need a tabbed browser such as Firefox or Crazy Browser. Firefox is highly recommended because of the extra virus protection it provides, but some have had issues with it so if Firefox won’t work for you try Crazy Browser.

Set your traffic exchanges up in groups according to their timer, timers run
anywhere from 10 to 60 seconds. The closer the timers the smoother your surfing will be. Try to surf no more than 5-8 traffic exchanges at a time 10 at the most and keep a look out for the same pages, many pages have the members name or even a photo on them. If you see the same page over and over one of two things are happening, one the member has put his/her page in the exchange more than once which is encouraged by some traffic exchanges or most likely you really are seeing the same page over and over.

In this case you don’t want to waste your hard earned credits in this
traffic exchange. If in doubt see if the traffic exchange has a built-in hit ratio, this tells you what percentage your page(s) is being viewed by unique members each day. Some owners only care about the quanity of clicks and not the quaility of those clicks.

Set a certain time to surf, twice a day if possible and the amount of time you can alot to surfing each day. Surf each exchange about an hour each day, for instance if you have three hours to surf each day divide your traffic exchanges into three groups. Whatever time you can alot to surfing divide it up evenly.

You also have to track your pages to see which ones are working and which ones you need to change. If a page works in some exchanges and not in others, simply change the ones that are not working or remove them from the traffic echange that is isn’t working in, always have an extra splash page ready to try in your traffic exchanges. And remember that the bigger the
exchange the more people see your page, but that don’t always mean that it is the best exchange, I have got more signups from some of the smaller exchanges than the biggest ones.

So if you want more bang for your click, don’t settle for bells and whistles, do your “Due Diligence” and select the best traffic exchange to suit your needs.

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