“Own” Your Workspace

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“Own” Your Workspace
ATLANTA, GA – May 21, 2003 – Many full-time employees spend 40 to 50 hours per week in a cubicle or small office environment. When a person spends that much time in one place, it would seem the decor of that space would reflect their personality and personal style. Not true for most workers. With “political correctness” naturally setting the tone in most corporate environments today, decorating a common work space to personal taste has been severely limited. But with a little creativity and grouping of small items with common themes, one’s personal decorating style can be introduced in subtle ways.
Here are a few tips to get you started:

choose a theme for your area (i.e., ethnic, tropical, etc.);
wall calendars come in a menagerie of styles -- chose one reflecting your imagined theme;
find a mouse pad that reflects the look for which you're vying;
purchase decorative stationery and matching envelopes that compliment the setting;
frame small pictures of family members and/or pets in coordinating styles;
your coffee cup need not have the office logo —  choose a bold pattern that suits your personality and your decor theme;
even your screensaver can boast a thematic background — scour the web and find the perfect one for the look you're creating!

“A small item can make a big statement when strategically placed,” says Cassandra Black, partner of EthnicHomeDecor.com, an online retailer of home decor with ethnic themes. So as not to offend anyone, Ms. Black says a basic rule of thumb is “when in doubt, don’t.”
There’s no harm in tastefully coordinating a few small items on your desk or in your office that subtly tout: “This space belongs to me…” According to some experts, it may even increase productivity.
Have fun decorating your work space to personal taste!

Yuwanda & Cassandra Black are the owners of EthnicHomeDecor.com. Ethnic Home Decor offers soft home furnishings with ethnic themes at affordable prices. For more information or to schedule an interview, see contact information.


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